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Wealthy Lifestyle Clothing has launched its mobile app providing access to the brand in your smart phone / tablet 24hrs a day. The app can be downloaded on all smart phones and tablets in your app store for free under the name "WL Podcast" . The app features access to the store , all episodes of the Dash Radio show "The FIXXX" as well as insider access to discount codes and new releases!!!


WLC Radio

So what happened to the Wealthy Lifestyle Radio show? The show has ended and transformed into "The Fixxx" which can be heard on Dash Radio in Hollywood , California. The show hosts are CEO of Wealthy Lifestyle Clothing Jason Fields , Media personality Kristy Salazar and also Host of "The Morning After Show" Nick Hamilton. The Fixxx is a show that focuses on Sports , Politics & Fashion. Some of the guest so far have been West Coast hip-hop legend The Game , Gonzoe , G - Magic , Pako Pablos and the hip-hop group the Non - Affiliates. Interviews can be heard on Dash talk and also on SoundCloud under "The Fixxx - Audiocast" . Ratings for the show thus far have been through the roof with listeners tuning in worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates and don't forget to subscribe to The Fixxx - Audiocast on SoundCloud.


The Real...Really Is

Hey readers, as promised I am back with all the “real talk” on what is current regarding my recent favorite fashion mogul in the

making Jason Fields, CEO of Wealthy Lifestyle Clothing. I have so many notable highlights that I could give y’all the lowdown on this

man’s creativity and brand that I literally got writers block. I was going in a completely different direction for today’s blog but got

caught up on a recent interview that Jason had with Restless Nation Radio Host Kristy Salazar out of San Diego CA. The Topic was actually

“How to Elevate your Brand” ok. So I know what you’re thinking, blah, blah, blah. Ok folks; this is not a commercial plug for either of

the above mentioned very capable media personalities BUT, credit is due where it is deserved! This was my first time listening to

Kristy and of course being completely committed to all things Jason Fields and WLC (seriously I could spearhead a rally the size of the

million man march in honor of this guy and his values). One of the many topics discussed was no surprise FASHION and social media.

Now I have a little expertise in this genre so naturally I should have been captivated however, it was the down time details that

made me write today’s blog. Listen up.

The worst thing we can do as generation is let anyone steal our worth! What do I mean? Let me pose this question: How does the

current vibe and cultural template encourage our youth to become the adults we were taught to be? Last week I touched upon how

society and specifically social media molds trends in music, fashion, lifestyle, and mindsets. Media is driven by the consumer but we

have apparently lost our way and our MINDS with the most recent “Reality TV” craze. Which I more appropriately refer to as the

“Unrealistic Random Rich Dysfunctional People” shows. If you are anything like me you are probably nodding your head in

agreement and simultaneously experiencing a ping of shame because you are remembering the hour and half of brain energy and

time you can never get back last night when you clicked on an Instagram post that led you to being all up in some rich chick’s

business. Time wasted, brain cells lost and your self-esteem is now waning. I’m sure you are probably an attractive woman with

many positive attributes to offer but your inner “Bad Bitch” is in mourning because your post ONLY got 5 “likes “ while the

“unrealistic chick” got 23k. Maybe that chick didn’t have to beat commuter traffic this morning and got all dolled up specifically to

take a snapshot in the bathroom mirror at an awkward angle. Stereotyping? Absolutely, because that is the social media movement

we all anxiously follow like drones in Sci-Fi movies. I seriously want to prank call that young lady’s mom. Like on a radio AM talk

show and ask why she taught this pretty little girl that it’s ok to show her good bits to strange men of all ages. Uh, and straight up,

why the hell does she think that is a compliment? Times have changed my friends. The days of leaving things to the imagination are

in the past and soft porn pics are in. Fellas, if you think I have forgotten about you, I haven’t. I have just one bit of advice and please

pay close attention. Don’t believe the hype. Average men don’t have ripped stomachs and mouthwatering dips. There is a reason

why superstars are the most beautiful. Even the beautiful bodies they rock in movies get out of shape when the last “And…. Cut “,

echoes the studio set and the film is wrapped up. Real men like beer and chicken wings during football season! Don’t fret over the

social misconceptions and chaos my devoted real people; we can change this perception. We are the ground breakers. Ladies and

gentleman let’s just keep it 100 and own what “The Real… Really Is”?

Here it is. How do we remold society’s thought pattern to promote realness? Answer: we start with the most easily accessible

audience we have; OURSELVES. J. Cole it… Be A ROLE MODEL. OK. Maybe that wasn’t the best example but at least he recognized

the mass hysteria bobble head and booty movement is all hype. Be the positive motivational example you want to see in others and

simply be that for someone else. Own your uniqueness. Own your body and your style. Use your style as an extended outlet to

express yourself and the many moods that represent your wardrobe. Stay true, trust it, own it. Classy, sexy, tomboy chic or messy

hair sweats. Confidence is sexy. Snapshot that and post it. Wear clothing lines that allow you to express yourself instead of

conforming to the endless lines of birds posting booty pics. No offense young-ins but if you want to earn your 15 minutes of

spotlight via your unnatural gluteus maximus, then we will assume that is all you actually have to offer. To summarize my thoughts

let’s go back to the Restless Radio Interview with WLC’s Jason Fields and Kristy Salazar. “How to Elevate Your Brand” starts with

YOU. Your brand is like your baby. You are a walking billboard for your business”. “Stay true to yourself; remember to represent

yourself as your business, because you are the face of what you brand”. Well readers, again there it is. You are your brand. Your

opinion about yourself and how you express yourself is what the world sees. So whether you are a small business or a sole

proprietor live it how you love it people because you get what you give.

We are the plug that provides media the power! We make trends legit and people famous. Get on board with labels that have

purpose, and are trying to make a hefty deposit on the long term societal stamp of our generation. Not everyone can be a leader but

at the very least we can follow the right trendsetters. Wealthy Lifestyle Clothing embraces female gear for all my moods. I personally

prefer a natural sexy casual look. I am old school that way; but the options are endless so follow the new lead and be the “you” that

your FB friends think you are. I challenge everyone to OWN IT! Don’t just “be good” with who you are. Note to self. That’s a cop out

for people who really don’t like themselves but portray confidence to the masses. I dare all of you readers to be the example. The

“Wealth” in Wealthy Lifestyle Clothing is not a cash deposit it’s the real things; family, honor, strength, individuality. I want to say

the world was better place, because I was here? Follow the lead People.

L. Rod

Stay posted. I may have some more knowledge to share. In the meantime show love for WLC out on Twitter: WealthyLC,

Instagram@wealthy_lifestyle_clothing, and Facebook: wealthylifestyleclothing. www.magnetagencyinc.com