FlashBack Friday

This was a pic from the very first WLC photoshoot. What was amazing about that day how everyone that was part of the shoot gave full effort not affected by the heat conditions and the long hours that was put in that day. Here is one of the best pics attached below from that day.


The True Gatekeepers To Dreams

When you hear the words Gate Keepers it can easily be taken as some big hot shots that can elevate your dreams and take you to the next level. What if I told you that is incorrect, The true gate keepers is your core fan base. They not only are your biggest supporters but they are also the biggest fans of your work. These people are the ones that keep a business alive and growing and ultimately take you to the next level. WLC as a brand and company are fans of our very own fans and know that the brand would have not lasted as long as it has if these supporters did not spend their hard earned money on our products. So we would like to end today's blog post by thanking the true gate keepers and that is our supporters. The picture attached below is of the first customer to make a purchase at a location that sells the brand.


The Bank Sale

In 2013 WLC was part of The Bank Sale Tradeshow at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The event had over 5,000 attendees and it was one of the most successful events that the brand has been fortunate to be part of till this date. A lot of business relationships were developed from the event alone leading to multiple radio interviews in Los Angeles as well as articles being written on the brand on various hip hop websites. 2018 is right around the corner and could we possibly see WLC at the next Bank Sale Showcase? Stay tuned for updates to see if the brand will be back at the event in 2018.